Welcome to DIGITAL KEY

Welcome to DIGITAL KEY

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Digital-Key it’s a brand new software platform, it purposes and Planned to support as many as possible up-to-date repair solution of mobile phone destruction.

It was long time we have to test some function and waiting time for SUPER TEST to public, so here we are DIGITAL-KEY Overview.

Support, features and overviews:

  • Qualcomm SoC (Flashing, Firmware backup, Firmware restore, read-write-erase)
  • Qualcomm SoC (Security repair [read-write] IMEI, SN, BTMAC, WIFIMAC. etc)
  • Qualcomm Soc (Backup, restore NVDATA to Qcn type) corrected protocol.
  • Mediatek SoC(Flashing) Experimental.
  • Android devices (Fully out android information are showed) based.
  • Android devices (Backup partition on rooted device, install apps, backup – restore apps)
  • Android devices (Bypass FRP on ADB ENABLE non rooted device)
  • Fastboot Mode (Flashing, erase, Clear FRP, Unlock Bootloader, etc)
  • Fastboot Mode ASUS BRAND (Enable ADB, Clear FRP, Disable Demo Live etc)
  • Clear FRP (Factory Reset Protection) based on SoC
  • Clear Userlocks (Pattern, PIN, Facelock, Fingerprint. etc) based on SoC
  • Clear Userdata (Removing userlocks purpose) on Qualcomm, Mediatek SoC
  • Clear MiCloud All Type of XIAOMI BRAND (New Protocol) Cleaned correctly.
  • New Protocol (Factory reset) on SoC Mode [Fixed! No more Bootloop]
  • Interface protocol added (eMMC interface using third party eMMC Boxes) experimental.
  • HUAWEI (*.app) filetype handling for flashing in EDL mode purpose
  • Extended File explorer based on ext2, ext4 filesystem structure.
  • Drive utility (Read, write, erase) for qualcomm storage [9006] etc.
  • Hex Editor, viewer advance user request.
  • Easy firmware handle (Extract, copy, analyze. etc)
  • RARv5 file handling included TGZ, TAR ZIP file handler.
  • Fully interactive function menu (Firmware select, Full firmware information)
  • Extended MiCloud Lock status (The First one from all program)
  • Explorer menu directly from application (advance user request)
  • System devices information (Devices manager) directly from apps.
  • eMMC Firmware update (Corrected) for ARM Sysco eMMC box experimental.
  • Intel IMEI repair (Notice: there 2 mode in this function [Dual baseband] please select correct mode)
  • Intel Devices [ASUS] rooting
  • eMMC SYSCO Interface handling eMMC v5.0 read, write, erase
  • eMMC Identify (SYSCO) now parsed correctly advance information added
  • eMMC Identify (SYSCO) now showing usage status of eMMC v5.0
  • eMMC Identify (SYSCO) now showing usage smartreport
  • eMMC (SYSCO) handling Extcsd write function
  • eMMC function now accept Digital Qualcomm memory config for write, read and erase
  • eMMC Firmware update for v4.1, v5.0 (Samsung devices) BETA
  • eMMC Userarea page
  • eMMC Userarea Advance task (Factory reset, Clear FRP Lock)